We take care of you in your own home.

ambulant care

You yourself, your partner, a parent or another family member needs support. We, as ambulant care services, ensure that this assistance can be provided at home, in a familiar environment; Whether due to age, illness or disability; will be glad to provide you with an offer tailored to your particular situation.


The task of our nursing staff is to maintain your or your relative´s independence for as long as possible, regardless of age, illness or disability. Often, home care or a hospital stay can be shortened or avoided altogether thanks to home care. Depending on your individual needs, we offer both basic care and extended care, with one or several visits a day or even 24-hour care.


How can we support you in ambulant care?

  • Basic nursing activities such as, e.g. help with body care or when putting on and taking off
  • Home care services such as change of medication or medication delivery
  • Counseling for dependents and relatives
  • Housekeeping such as shopping, cooking or cleaning the home
  • Support and help in daily live

We will be glad to advise you on your individual situation and also clarify the financing issues. We will provide you with an individual service that meets your individual life and needs. You decide for yourself which services you would like to have in concrete terms.