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home help

Domestic care essentially comprises all household assistance in the care sector. In addition to basic health care, it is part of the Social Security Code (SGB) XI and belongs to the home care sector. The fund is the nursing fund.


The household supply includes:


Cleaning the apartment

This includes the cleaning of floors, furniture, windows and household appliances in the generally customary living area of the patient. The knowledge of cleaning products and equipment as well as the making of beds are also part of the program.



This includes planning and informing about the purchase of food, cleaning and personal care products, to keep an overview of the food to be purchased where, taking into account the season and quantity, the knowledge of the value of money (price conscious) and knowledge about food and food storage. Also the procurement of the food needed for a diet belongs to it.



It includes the whole preparation of the food, such as setting up a food plan (e.g. compiling a diet as well as considering a specific calorie intake) for the right diet with regard to age and living conditions. The use of the technical equipment as well as the estimation of ratios and cooking times with consideration of hygienic rules must also be evaluated.


Do the washing up

Depending on the circumstances of the household, manual or machine rinsing is assessed during maintenance periods.


Change and wash the clothes and clothes

These include the choosing and sorting of the textiles, washing, drying, ironing, repairing and sorting the clothes into the wardrobe, as well as the bedding



We also like to mow your lawn, remove foliage or other garden waste, water your plants, eradicate weeds or do other gardening for you.


Domestic aid can be provided by the relatives themselves or by means of the purchase of care services (also as a combination service) by an ambulant nursing service.



The amount of domestic aid is a key factor in ensuring the official level of care. Together with the duration of the basic care, it provides the total care period! For more information, please read the related article Care Levels.