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respite care

Short-term and respite care allows a time-out for relatives

Most people in need of care in Germany are nursed by their relatives. Domestic care can be a full-time job and from time to time, dependents need a break - for example if they are sick themselves or just want to relax.

Dependent caregivers who are cared for privately are entitled to respite care lasting up to 6 weeks a year. This is a matter of course, if the private caregiver can temporarily not maintain the care. This can be the case, for example, when the caregiver himself gets sick and has to recover. Urgent or short-term appointments, accomplishments or simply the need for recreation and some time for themselves are also good reasons to ask for short-term care.


Combine short-term and respite care

In principle, respite care can be taken for a maximum of six weeks, or 42 days a year, also hourly. The nursing fund provides a maximum of € 1,612 for each insured person. However, it is possible to use some of the funds that are intended for the eventual use of day care. A maximum of half of the unused amount for day care can be used to finance respite care. Thus, the maximum amount increases to a total of € 2,418. During the respite care period, the half-pension is paid out in half.